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bdark shadows

I may be a bazillion years too late but I’m totally gonna post my very first odetocrayola movie review on Dark Shadows. I just finished watching it and I loved it! I know it got a lot of hype when it first came out (and even before it did) but it was just so not what I expected after everything I read about it, that I can’t help but through y own two cents out there.

The first thing I have to say is I was totally suprised at how small a part Cloe-I-don’t-know-how-to-do-the-accent-thing Grace Mortez a role had in it! Mostly probly cuz of nylonmag.com, I was kind of assuming she was the most important character besides Johnny Depp. And I was definitely ok with that since she’s awesome and I wish I was half as cool as she is now  much less when I was 16… Anyways, her character was just as awesome as you would expect (see below image), she just was not the spotlight of the movie like I imagined she would be.

 chloe grace4

chloe grace mortez

chloe grace3

Now the actress who blew me away was miss aussie Bella Heathcote who played Jonny Depp’s lover/s Josette and Victoria Winters. I’d never before heard of her nor seen anything she’s been in but I was impressed! She was positively stunning, and I know that come fall/winter her characters are going to be a major fashion inspiration for me!

bella heathcote 3

bella heathcote 4

bella heathcote 2

Dark Shadows

Now I didn’t even know Michelle Pfeiffer was even in the movie but she kind of killed it. When I’m 40 or however old I totally wanna live in a creepy mansion and dress just like her.

michelle pfieffer dark shadows. 1

michelle pfieffer dark shadows 2

michelle pfieffer dark shadows 3

Helena Bonham Carter played her typical role so there’s not much to say there. I wasn’t too impressed with her costumes and I wasn’t a fan of her orangey hair.


Johnny Depp was also his typical self, but no complaints there. I thought he made a splendid (and kind of comical) vampire.

depp dark shadows

depp dark shadows 2

(lol I love this one of him brushing his teeth)

depp dark shadows 3

I also loved the overall story of Dark Shadows. I think I need to watch the original now! The only thing that kind of bugged me was that the witch (what’s her face,  I didn’t even mention her oops…) cursed him into being a vampire. Um what? That is not how it works. Come on, I just thought it was common knowledge at this point that you have to be bit by a vampire (and bite them back, if you’re a die hard Anne Rice fan!) to be turned into one yourself. I’ve never ever heard of a witch cursing vampirehood onto anyone. Just no.

That said, it was awesome and I wanna buy it when I’m not poor (like that’ll ever happen). If you haven’t already seen it (again, I know I’m stupid late on this one) check it out!!


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