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Magic Potions

I know it’s been a while since I popped in here, and that’s because I’ve been crazy busy. October is my favorite month of the year and I absolutlely love trying to cram in as much Halloweeny stuff as I can. However, school has been seriously kicking my butt and has not left me with much time to enjoy the season. I have managed to fit in a few fun projects though. 

Like making magic potions!


This, my friends, is candy corn vodka. 

It’s pretty simple really. you only need 2 ingredients:


I mixed them 1 parts candy corn: 2 parts vodka. Seal in a jar, hide in the cabinet, and be patient. After a week, strain through a cheese cloth and voila!

Wait…where the heck do you get a cheese cloth? I have no idea. I still have a few more days to figure that out, but I’ll be sure to let you know!

In the meantime, sip some apple cider instead. Stay tuned to see how this potion turned out. I’m predicting it will work wonders on all my recent school related stress


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zombie face

The other night Ben and I went on a zombie bar crawl with some of our friends. It was pretty much the funnest thing ever. We walked down Central Ave. with a big group of zombies screaming “brains!” and stopped at a few different bars for drinks along the way. I told my mom about this event and she just cracked up laughing…anyways! They had makeup artists at each bar offering to turn people into the living dead for a small donation, but what is the fun in that?? I wanted to do it myself because come on, face paint is so. much. fun. So here is how I became a zombie:


1. Start with a pale white face.

2. Add bruising/shadow around the eyes. I used red and purple for this. Blend well.

3. Add contour to the cheek bones. Again, make sure you blend.

4. Add red for wounds and dripping blood.

5. Add black smudges under eyes and over the red to create darker shades.

6. Tease hair.

And voila! Ready to feast on the living!


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Weekend loot

Ben and I spent a day shopping this weekend and came away with some beautiful things! Mostly we looked around Earthbound Trading Company, a rad new store in our mall. But on the way home we stopped by the park where a witch festival was going on, so we shopped around there too.


My birthday present from Ben! It’s huge and hangs in our kitchen.

We’ve got the art it recently and have bought a few pieces for around the house.



Our new Zen garden.


My new dream catcher. I’ve been needing one to hang by my bed to protect my dreams. If I’m anything, I’m a dreamer.


Some soy candles from the witch festival. There were a million things I wanted to buy from the festival; the most beautiful witch hats, masks, wands, and crystals and amulets….everything was beautiful. And expensive…


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