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The other day I turned 22! I threw a huge party for my 21st, so this year I wanted to do something a little more intimate. So I planned a backpacking trip to Horseshoe Lake in the Pecos Wilderness in Northern New Mexico.  Accompanying me was my boyfriend Ben, my best friend Rachel, her boyfriend Cole, and our adventurous pups Yuki and Elsie. It was a first backpacking trip for both dogs!

Yuki looked especially official in her backpack.

We set on out on what would be a 5 hour hike to Horseshoe lake. We decided to take the long way there to climb a big ridge, just for the views. And they were so worth it. While here in the city it still feels like summer, up in the mountains the colors are changing to fall. It was breathtaking.

(not Horseshoe lake)

That last pic is from the very top. When we finally started to descend the sun was setting, and it was full on nighttime before we reached the lake. Once we finally made it, we made camp and lit a little fire. Nothing felt so good as to sit down, pack off, and enjoy the bright warm flames. When we finally put it out we snuggled up in the tent and looked up at the stars. Before sliding into sleep we saw the brightest, most amazing shooting star! It was a good birthday omen, I just know it.

The next morning we awoke to Horseshoe Lake! Rachel, Cole, and Elsie trekked off after breakfast while Ben, Yuki, and I stayed behind to explore the lake.

Eventually we started our hike back. I thought this would be fairly easy, given that we weren’t going to take the detour up the ridge a second time. I was so wrong. What should have been a short, mostly downhill hike back to the car turned into a 5 hour trek across fallen trees, streams, rocky outcropping, and marshland. Thank God for the GPS, and thank God for Yuki! She was the one who found the on and off again trails. The occasional dead-end trail was such a treat in the midst of all that bushwhacking!  Needless to say, we took quite a few well deserved breaks.

Honestly, I couldn’t believe it when we made it to the car. We made it! After pretending not to think we were lost most of the way, it felt great! Overall, I couldn’t have asked for a better birthday. Out in the beautiful world with the ones I love, that’s what I live for.


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Now that you know what a weird Tuesday looks like for me, I suppose I should introduce myself!

I’m Lexi, a 22 year creative soul. I’m studying foreing languages at the University of New Mexico and working a boring office job to get by. My real passions are art, fashion, travel, and writing. I’m starting this blog as a creative outlet, a way to get my voice out there, and to keep myself writing constantly.

Ode to Crayola is going to be my crazy little corner of the interweb! If you’re going to follow along, there are a few characters you should meet first.

First off, here is my wonderful boyfriend Ben!


We live together in a big house with two friends and a whole menagerie of silly pets!

This is Mr. Simon, the boss of the house.


He’s currently rockin’ out the cone of shame while a sore on his leg is healing…

And you’ve already met Yuki! Here she is enjoying a beer at La Cumbre!


Last (for now) but not least, the only kitty of the house: Cocaina! The coolest cat you will ever meet.



Aaaand now I gotta dash off to school. I’m so gonna be late.

Stay tuned for a recap of my birthday weekend. Trust me, it was badass.

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a Tuesday

It’s been a weird day. It seems I say that everyday, but today I thought I’d blog about it. I skipped my run today. I’m normally so good at sticking to my Tuesday/Thursday runs. I’m only a few weeks away from my first ever half marathon so no more missed runs! I’ll make up the miles tomorrow.

So with no run I had my entire morning wide open to do whatever I pleased! I used that time both wisely and unwisely…Wisely in that I practiced my Irish tin whistle for the first time since I got it and learned to play most of Down by the Sally Gardens while letting my newly turquoise hair soak up fresh dye. Check it.

Then I went to pick up Yuki’s outrageously priced High Performance dog food which I had special ordered from the vet.

Sayhi Yuki!

It costs more than my entire monthly grocery budget, but the vet says she needs it if I want her to train for the half marathon with me so…

Then I went to pick up my moonstone ring from the Indian Jewlery Repair. Finally! It’s been broken for months and it feels great to have it back on my finger! I was wearing two rings on my finger while it was broken because my finger felt so naked.

My favorite bubble tea cafe is right down the street from the jewler so I just had to stop in for a taro coconut!

Anyways, even though I had a great morning and was super productive, here comes the unwisely part: I bailed on my French class! About an hour before I had to be there I opened the PDF I was supposed to read for it. It was 50 pages long. FIFTY. There was no way I was gonna finish on time so I didn’t go. Slacker! Instead I read Game of Thrones until I had to go to work…

Now I’m drinking Red Stipe and contemplating reading the Martyrdom of King Edward for tomorrow.

What a Tuesday…

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