Today I went to one of the coolest stores ever: Mama’s Minerals. They were having a sale and I was in heaven just walking around and wishing I could buy everything! I actually stopped by to sign up for their Metaphysical workshop: Crystal’s, Energy, and Healing workshop next weekend. I’m really excited about it, I’ll let you all know how it goes!

Check out these amethyst crystal balls! They were well above my price range, but one day…


Really, I’m a big amethyst fan, it’s always been one of my favorite crystals. Look at these pretty pyramids!




And more crystal balls. I want one so bad!



As many beads as anyone could want!



White sage, still fantastic though ’tis of course not stone nor crystal


And these chakra wands!



Check out my loot! This dragon bone bead:


This quartz crystal candle holder


and this pretty white and brown circle stone!


And the long strand of amethyst beads in the first pic! I don’t know what I’ll do with any (except, of course, the candle holder which I already shoved a candle in. It was only 7 dollars!!!) of it but I am so stoked!


Ever since I spent a day kayaking in the Florida Keys when I was 18 I wanted to own a kayak. And as of this summer I finally do! My boyfriend Ben and I each bought a kayak and we have been enjoying the hell out of them! So far we’ve taken them to lake Cochiti, lake Abuquiue, and many times to the Rio Grande River. It is soooo much fun. Yuki has been joining along and she’s getting so good at it! And we’ve only capsized once!

[please excuse the photo quality. some of these images are a pic of a pic taken with a disposable waterproof camera]





I know this last one is pretty fuzzy but it’s a tiny baby duck we found running around on an island in the middle of the Rio! It was sooo cute!

bdark shadows

I may be a bazillion years too late but I’m totally gonna post my very first odetocrayola movie review on Dark Shadows. I just finished watching it and I loved it! I know it got a lot of hype when it first came out (and even before it did) but it was just so not what I expected after everything I read about it, that I can’t help but through y own two cents out there.

The first thing I have to say is I was totally suprised at how small a part Cloe-I-don’t-know-how-to-do-the-accent-thing Grace Mortez a role had in it! Mostly probly cuz of nylonmag.com, I was kind of assuming she was the most important character besides Johnny Depp. And I was definitely ok with that since she’s awesome and I wish I was half as cool as she is now  much less when I was 16… Anyways, her character was just as awesome as you would expect (see below image), she just was not the spotlight of the movie like I imagined she would be.

 chloe grace4

chloe grace mortez

chloe grace3

Now the actress who blew me away was miss aussie Bella Heathcote who played Jonny Depp’s lover/s Josette and Victoria Winters. I’d never before heard of her nor seen anything she’s been in but I was impressed! She was positively stunning, and I know that come fall/winter her characters are going to be a major fashion inspiration for me!

bella heathcote 3

bella heathcote 4

bella heathcote 2

Dark Shadows

Now I didn’t even know Michelle Pfeiffer was even in the movie but she kind of killed it. When I’m 40 or however old I totally wanna live in a creepy mansion and dress just like her.

michelle pfieffer dark shadows. 1

michelle pfieffer dark shadows 2

michelle pfieffer dark shadows 3

Helena Bonham Carter played her typical role so there’s not much to say there. I wasn’t too impressed with her costumes and I wasn’t a fan of her orangey hair.


Johnny Depp was also his typical self, but no complaints there. I thought he made a splendid (and kind of comical) vampire.

depp dark shadows

depp dark shadows 2

(lol I love this one of him brushing his teeth)

depp dark shadows 3

I also loved the overall story of Dark Shadows. I think I need to watch the original now! The only thing that kind of bugged me was that the witch (what’s her face,  I didn’t even mention her oops…) cursed him into being a vampire. Um what? That is not how it works. Come on, I just thought it was common knowledge at this point that you have to be bit by a vampire (and bite them back, if you’re a die hard Anne Rice fan!) to be turned into one yourself. I’ve never ever heard of a witch cursing vampirehood onto anyone. Just no.

That said, it was awesome and I wanna buy it when I’m not poor (like that’ll ever happen). If you haven’t already seen it (again, I know I’m stupid late on this one) check it out!!

Have I ever mentioned that my boyfriend is the best? The other day when Ben picked me up from school, he whisked me away to the Sandia mountains for a surprise picnic! I think it has to be the most romantic thing anyone has ever done for me!

It was a rainy, gloomy day, but instead of postpone it for another time, we improvised and enjoyed the feast he had prepared in the car parked over an amazing view of the east side of the mountain. The valley below us was shrouded in a thick mist that slowly broke apart as we ate.


You guys should have seen the spread Ben prepared for us. Below is my little tasting plate that included a slice of sourdough with herbed butter, potatoe and pasta salad, raspberries, and a salad of sliced grapes, feta, and honey which he made himself! That was definitely the star of the show.



Dessert was quite something too! Ben made these fancy kebabs of strawberries and angel food cake drizzled with chocolate sauce!


And to top it all off, part way through the meal Ben busted out a bottle of champagne! He forgot glasses, but drinking out of the bottle added to the fun ;]


Just as we finished eating the clouds parted and the sun came out. Yuki could not have been more happy when we all hopped out of the car to hike and explore. She loves the mountains, and let me tell you, she was not a happy camper hanging out in the car while we picnicked. Just look at her reveling in the wide open spaces!


Me in a tree!


We ended up hiking along the trail at Sandia Crest, which looks over the west side of the  mountain and all of Albuquerque down below.


The trail ended at this cute albeit random little stone house.



Aaaand, this is Yuki about to be sacrificed to the cliff gods! We had to thank them for the sunshine after all 😉


It was a truly wonderful day. Nothing makes me happier than being out in nature, especially if it’s with my pup and my boy.

Mr. Simon


Mr. Simon, a dog, the best dog.


A dog on his birthday.


A dog and his bone.


A dog sniffin’ the park.


A dog and his boy.


A dog and his bacon.


A doggie in heaven.

Last week, on April 15th 2013, we had a great loss in our family. Our beloved Mr. Simon Dog left this world for a better place. He was truly the greatest, most wonderful companion. I am so honored to have spent these last three years with him, and Ben was even luckier to have enjoyed the last twelve years with Simon as a loyal and loving best friend. There is nothing more difficult than to see a loved one grow old and complete their time on this earth. Simon lived a wonderful and exciting long life full of joy, and he will be dearly missed until we meet again.


The other day me and Ben went to the nursery up the street to do some plant shopping. We actually intended to buy a larger plant to fill the empty space behind our TV, but we ended up bringing home three little succulent plants. It was really fun walking around the green house and looking at all the little plants.






We ended up putting them in the little cat thing Ben’s mom gave me. She said it was for herbs but I never could find any that were small enough. These fit perfectly!


P.S. I do realize I haven’t posted in months and that this is incredibly random. But I’ve finally got a laptop all of my own so I can actually start posting regularly! I figured I’d just jump right into it.

Magic Potions

I know it’s been a while since I popped in here, and that’s because I’ve been crazy busy. October is my favorite month of the year and I absolutlely love trying to cram in as much Halloweeny stuff as I can. However, school has been seriously kicking my butt and has not left me with much time to enjoy the season. I have managed to fit in a few fun projects though. 

Like making magic potions!


This, my friends, is candy corn vodka. 

It’s pretty simple really. you only need 2 ingredients:


I mixed them 1 parts candy corn: 2 parts vodka. Seal in a jar, hide in the cabinet, and be patient. After a week, strain through a cheese cloth and voila!

Wait…where the heck do you get a cheese cloth? I have no idea. I still have a few more days to figure that out, but I’ll be sure to let you know!

In the meantime, sip some apple cider instead. Stay tuned to see how this potion turned out. I’m predicting it will work wonders on all my recent school related stress